Minecraft, But Every Advancement Gives You OP Items...

Publisert 21. feb.. 2021
Minecraft But Every Advancement Gives You OP Items...
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  • He gets an elytra and makes a big deal ‘earlier threw a elytra in a hole

  • iron shovel possible 1.17 sword? o.O

  • Imagine if there are lucky block lol

  • 9:23 bonc your not an idot

  • Literally, you and TapL are Basically the same person.

  • 1:35 he got trident bc he opened he’a inc which is an achievement can proved to pause at ask 1:35 look at right top corner and u see “check your recipe book”

  • this is triggering me

  • hi

  • Me wondering how baldonic is fighting the ender dragon with an elytra

  • Imagine this but a uhc

  • Hey bionic

  • I guess soo...

  • Wait before I watch this video. Istg this means he has infinite OP loot

  • Yo at the start u left ur stuff

  • Hi how are you


  • it prob i’d not work when he jumped he stoped the clip and made a new one then killed the eder dragon

  • Infinity only works on normal arrows

  • mahoynoymanoynoynanoy

  • good

  • Hi wats the mod name

  • bionic was in a server bc if he was in single player then is wouldn't say *bionic has joined the game*

  • Bionic your infinity didn't work because it was spectro arrows

  • *casually kills the dragon with a shovel* Me: * How *

  • He could have just gone straight to the end he had the frames and the eye so I don’t get it

  • And threw them all out and the you’re happy

  • Dude you go like 3 elytras

  • You had a op hellmet

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  • Trau to pixtelmon plisssss🥺

  • bionic has past 10 sets of dimond armor but he get happy when he sees dimond pants

  • Mans favorite word doo-doo cheese

  • DUDE this is AWSOME, can you release the resource pack????

  • that hairline tho

  • do you get an advancement for wood or just something in the top right

  • 5 minits in he can beat the game but the video is 18 minutes long because he went to the never

  • what?,like wadzee or wad2ee

  • Can you do a let’s play @bionicccccccc


  • Drowning potato in dwarves pie

  • nolong.info/show/lbepa65vi8mNmIU/video.html

  • Powiadomienia alarmoweInformacje o zagrożeniuYyyy desktop y!!BU DU JE ZDEM BO WYH DE SEKkonta telefonicznePokaż systemowe

  • what is this mod name ?

  • poggers

  • Hey mr. bonc we miss uhc

  • Elytra you thro eltra two time and 7:02 now you realise that you got eytra

  • idea: do an UHC with all ur subscribers 200 people servers

  • Dude you drop the Ender eye

  • The legend of the Ender Dargon

  • Me now i need a mod to reward You when You make an achivment (but not op)

  • This Will Make This Video More *EPIK*

  • How to get the mod?

  • he literely had 14 eyes of ender!

  • You could have build a end portal in the end to beat minecraft without killing the dragon

  • What did you say at 0:05

  • What do you say nimoynimoynoym

  • You should made it the harder to get the advancement the op the loot

  • This is Legendary

  • I feel we make bionic so sad because we make him bald😐

  • 4:58 Wait did he just throw out curse of binding X

  • bro how you got tree advancments, i dont got it after i mine a tree.

  • what is the name of the musik when he explain the video?

  • Dude so dumb he bridged up with unbreakable blocks at least he had an elytra

  • BIONIC u forgot the totem is a advancement

  • A dude with 12 end frames and 22 eyes of ender getting excited more for 14 eyes of ender

  • POV : you thought it was a vr vid so you tried to move the screen

  • Hey bro at first you throw an elytra I was so mad and when you got another one you were surprised 😂😂😂

  • 50 thousand like goal

  • what does pop mean

  • 3:21....and thats how the video ended

  • the way he said doo doo cheese XD

  • bionic : "Lets get rid of this dodo" boinic 5 mins later : "lets go to this pool of loot here"

  • When drinking water do the fort nite shield drinking 👌🏻

  • OMG we just got elytra! Me:...yeah there totally wasn’t elytra dropped like 10 times before that.

  • bionics new favorite words to say: doo doo cheese

  • The intro is like the intro of Tapl Poggers

  • Hi i sub

  • bonc where do u get nods

  • Nice video

  • Also there wer two other Elyria

  • He is slowly turning into tapl

  • Ok so you get a achevment from getting netherite armor and you get *drum* *drum* *drum* netherite chast plate *yay* *yay*

  • I like the part where Mr Bonc "said I have an elytra" meanwhile earlier he had one in his inventory and threw it out

  • Bro is that me or "the special way" that bionic let him inventory gives me stress

  • When u built the mini portal I thought of doing a mini U.H.Z. If u do plz feature my NOlong channel. :) 💙

  • Bonc the Infinity Enchantment Only Works On Regular Arrows Not Like Tipped And Spectral arrows the more u know


  • I love he beated it with a iron shovel

  • When bionic runs out of obsidian blocks “Wait ima casually use some end portal frames to build up” (totally not hacking)

  • theres a advancement for taking inventory i think so thats what you got

  • Can you send the link for this

  • You should make a UHC challenge for this

  • yes

  • I can speed brieg

  • the sound he made “hnanananana”

  • you did everythingg but make netherite armor

  • Hello Bioni- I mean Bald Bionic

  • what is a dodo cheese

  • My favorite part was when he called a cow a horse at 7:53