Reacting to WTF Minecraft Moments that will Blow Your Mind

Publisert 7. feb.. 2021
Reacting to WTF Minecraft Moments that will Blow Your Mind
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@Gamers React - WTF Minecraft Moments that will BLOW Your MIND #10
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  • First

  • Kto z polski daje lapke w gure

  • f

  • bionic=bonic

  • The enderman was standing on a block and he must have picked up the block and he was not able to teleport

  • 12:22 it is happening to me too its like we get too close and it fail place the block its happen to me too when i play skyblock

  • The guys who was about to score he break the block under hm

  • This is ur 4000th comment 😀

  • Wow Hannahxxrose always with the great clips. I love your channel and I love bionic's channel too, but hats off to hannahxxrose

  • 9:52 pog just so pog


  • 8:57 I’ve spawned next to 2 ocean monuments.

  • It's turning not the fact that the enderman is in water but he's not dying and she said he's not teleporting of course he's not teleporting cuz he's in water he's supposed to die

  • The first time I found a fortress I spawned I. It and didn’t know what it was and I literally deleted the world cause I thought it was from hero brine since I heard of him

  • l

  • Im from Poland and that was a swear word

  • My favorite part was where he said "You got killed by a piece of grass bro"

  • F in the chat for panda

  • F

  • I know gamers react

  • F):

  • Hey

  • F for panda 🐼

  • The guy the spawned next to the guardian thingy has my same skin in minecraft

  • I must say your reaction to realizing it was Quiff was very cute XD


  • Why un like and I clicked like and click un like

  • 4:15 hes gay men


  • 11:44 either he was on bedrock edition or he had speed, if he wasn't any of those than idk what happened

  • f

  • Im ur fan

  • hannah!

  • 8:55 bruh i’ve done that. And there were some next to it if you went like a 100 blocks away. Thats not that good

  • Bonc.

  • 9:52-10:29 Giornos Theme.

  • oh tommyinnit the minecraft pro/dreams friend

  • Why u've 22.9 lakh Subs Not 2M

  • When that guy Spohn in the nether fortress that has happened to me in one of my world in Minecraft

  • F for panda

  • Poggers

  • so I have spawn in a fortrst before no click bite

  • Bionic? More like BALDONIC >:(

  • RIP panda

  • It s a acid water that means you touch that and you died

  • Lol also I sprint backwards I tried to go my house it just push me backwards lol dat happen to me like 4 times

  • When illumina was killed by hoglin i know what happen So becuz he place lava the hoglin swam up and it took damage and get boosted up so it could reach illumina.

  • RIP Panda 2021-2021

  • 10:43 I watched this guy's hardcore series

  • #F also # 2 brain cells:/ Me when i watch your vids wait what's 2+2:/ REEEEEEEEE

  • yes bonc is epic yes mrflamyasssssssss mrflim

  • ranboo is enderman and also he can fist a spawner

  • oh is tommy

  • bionic i think the ender man cant teleport is a bug i think when the enderman was spawned into the ocean and there is no near island for the radius of the enderman teleportation i think they cant teleport and they be stuck down at where they are but im not sure if its a bug or normal thing but i think that what happens

  • Gamer react gamer games react gamers react

  • Rambo is a enderman

  • u

  • 6:28 for all those curios the chances of being struck by lighting in minecraft is 1\ 100,000 or one out of one hundred thousand naturally so that saved you a google search

  • The disturbed beer relevantly stuff because ambulance impressively agree up a detailed john. strong, tight pancreas

  • You forgot Gong gang ging gang 😣😣

  • Bionic how do u forget ur own intro LOL

  • Who came for the thumbnail?

  • bionic make some mincraft hacks like loverfella

  • Fffffff for panda

  • I’ve actually gotten struct by lighting before in minecraft

  • 4:14 that reaction tho lmfao

  • *chonc*

  • F

  • F

  • 4:26 When you try to open a door holding an world edit axe `-`

  • Is my Minecraft brother in here???

  • and because i think lots of youtubers are commenting on your vids

  • You should try and join the dream smp because there is a few small youtube channels but there is also big ones like tommy and dream

  • poggers 13:07

  • yea and they accuse dream for cheating in his speed runs for getting to lucky with pearl trades when dude spawned in the fortress xD

  • Love the merch I already feel da vibes and I just started watching this vid

  • The panda 🐼 so innocent but the Minecraft god's said no

  • I like ur cut g


  • I will legitemetly sub to whoever subs to me

  • F

  • death.fell.accident.water prob means the game glitched and acted the water as a block and he took fall damage

  • f

  • no fuck what 10:41

    • sr reali:fuck WHAT!!!????

  • F

  • #f

  • The water is a mod its called death water u touch water u did

  • 1 f in chat = 1 sub for the panda ):

  • F

  • 12:58 There is no ****ing way he do that , there is no ****ing way he do that, its impossible

  • 10:40 ku*wa-fu*k

  • 5:12 polska!

  • F

  • Sorry for the panda R.I.P PANDA

  • 9:14 the enderman didn´t tp cuz the land was out of his range of teleportation

  • 6:55 just happened last night for me didn't even know that that was even a thing

  • Ffffff for panda

  • The fallacious cafe characteristically long because farmer typically unlock save a silent lisa. spiritual, tightfisted lip

  • I spawned right next to an ocean monument before

  • on the clip that had like the elytra glitch in the end did anybody noddes that the water went really really fast