Reacting to Minecraft's Luckiest Moments Of All Time

Publisert 14. feb.. 2021
Reacting to Minecraft's Luckiest Moments Of All Time
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@Gamers React - Minecrafts Luckiest Moments OF ALL TIME #4
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  • 00:47 06:16 when i play minecraft in 2018 i saw the rare skeleton and i dont know how much rare it is i saw the rare skeleton like 4 times

  • When the he say he hit him with the fist he actually switch to the sword when he fall 3.05

  • Plot twist : -bionicwatch video before recorde -bionic recordsnben after watch vid and guess the futre thing my mind : shdbrjdgeisnowwidveosgejdbsidbrieneienrirrjebeidbsiwishwoene sisbsheieidheiesbeosneoenejspqjwpsoqbwwi1iwb2i3hr8ei4bfidkensoansj

  • Bionic should play 100 days in hardcore one block skyblock

  • that nuts guy is dani

  • the chances of finding a full diamond skeleton is 0.0007534% chance roughly

  • The chances of the skeleton is 0.04%

  • 1:07 chanes are 000000000000000.1% chance of it spawning

  • How ever many people like this is how many people have seen smallant1

  • Wooo that was rare how they do that

  • When I was in bed wars when he knock me off the lag save my but

  • That diamond skeleton is like 0.1% rare

  • I like hiw he just says ez ez like if he planned it 6:00

  • Mod Pack Hbomb Vault Hunters

  • Fully enchanted skelliten is a 00.2 % chance

  • Idpawned in nether in the fortress in the next room of blaze spawner

  • All i want to said is: Don't trust PIGLINS... They are scammer I trade with the PIGLINS... And they gave me a soul speed iron boots... Yep, he/she wear it...

  • wanna know something sad that the person didnt get the eye of ender when he fell of the cliff

  • The “submerged village” is a village under water

  • 2:09 the context behind this clip is that a streamer gets to the end getaway, throws a pearl at it and lands in an end city.

  • Its

  • Voor alle Nederlanders: 5:37

  • sumberge villgage is underwater water villAge and irt so rar e

  • Anybody saw Dani milk man

  • Bionic 5:42 that's a Fitch ytber his name is jeremy

  • The incompetent carbon supply admit because caravan primarily collect till a daily lead. abject, literate bagpipe

  • Bionic it's very rare for 4 chickens to spawn in an egg so its possible

  • a skeleton with full diamond have 00.4 percent to spawn

  • pause in 1:07 it is going to be funny

  • The groudon is called primal

  • Bbbruh

  • Some time it will happen in minecarft


  • It’s a 0.01%

  • I got 3 god apples in a temple chest 3 time sbefore ->-

  • Full diamond enchanted skeleton is chance: 0.00000000172%

  • Pls play among us

  • 1 In A 100,000,000,000,000,000,000

  • its 0.04% chans of a sceloton with dimon armer and whit encament googel dose not know.

  • 0.1

  • thats a shiny groudon

  • The diamond skeleton is more than 1 and a 10000000000 chance

  • When the mending book ,i have so many mending in my brotger server ,he make the village always discon cause he make the zombie bithe the vilagger and hral it :v

    • Its so cheap ngl (1 book and 1 emerald for mending book)

  • the % for the full enchanted diamond skeleton is 0.00000000047342 or something close

  • the scelecaton is 0.04 chance of spaning


  • I spawned at a village with the strong hold right down the village in the ocean

  • I’ve had 3 spanner’s in 1 cave

  • The dia armor skellys and zombies have a 0.006% spawn rate.

  • I put this vid on max speed and it was so funny

  • 1:05 It's 0.005


  • pls no ban smallant

  • im created random portal and im spawn fortress blaze spawner position it is too easy

  • The first one I've gotten a enchanted diamond armor skeleton it was 000.1 Chance

  • Bro the chicken one happened to me I swear to god and I didn’t know if I was getting trolled but I wasn’t.....

  • You and I bionic or Fortune Brothers

  • %0.0001 for the full enchanted diamond skeleton

  • 1:00- The chances are 0.239%.

  • Ok Bionic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The reason he was freaking over the skeleton is cuz it was left handed that is extremely rare

  • The chances of that mob spawning is actually 1.3

  • 0.5%

  • 2:09 bionic he spawned in end ship when he went through

  • To get 5 strong holes on top of each order full eyes is 12 quantilion % chance

  • 5:44 countrymates hehe LOL And 7:50 DANI YAYA!

  • the chances is 0.04 percent of spawning a skeleton wearing full enchanted diamond armor i search it on google

  • The chances of that is 0.00005 % chance subscribe to me RealSmexy PROGOD GAMEPLAYZ

  • 10:05 actually you can get 4 chickens from 1 egg but there is only a 1 in 1450 or something like that. chance that you will get it.

  • 5:39 that was at y 60 or something

    • And like that server was up for like a week already and nobody saw that while it wasn’t covered

  • 6.2

  • Pray for bionic

  • React to your old videos

  • Chace for full diamond is 0.000000000000000000000000000004231871

  • Bionic please shave you eye brows on 3mil

  • Love video bionic.

  • me who found stronghold in water in random seed: *ez*

  • The diamond armored skeleton is 0.04% to spawn

  • fun fact: youtubers always get more likes than fans

  • lol this guy is latterly he found so much ancient decree a god


  • the chance 0.0000002447874190%

  • :D

  • Where is that guy land responded I’m in that one place that happened to me like a second ago

  • the chances of a skeleton spawning with full diamond armor is 0.04% chance

  • Do you yoga number stupid you know you didn’t lock ring to login with the big red lock OK your name is Barbig

  • 4:47 I find those all the time

  • 7:44 this guy is my fav youtuber I saw his stream it was really lucky

  • The chances are 1

  • The thing about dream is he consistently gets good Pearl trades like 2 in a rows

  • I recognized Dani's voice immediately. XD (The game developer).

  • 11:31

  • 5:37 Jeremy Frieser

  • 12 %

  • Don’t be acting like we still don’t look at your head lol

  • go check @dani 7:52

  • This has happened to me before throwing one egg pops 4 chicken

  • you can get 4 chickens in one egg

  • dream smp is so cringe its literally adults and an annoying teen roleplaying on a minecraft server