Minecraft, But You Only Have 1% Health...

Publisert 10. feb.. 2021
Minecraft, But You Only Have 1% Health...
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  • not doing this again lol

  • this is no different from having half a heart because u still die as soon as you hurt yourself a bit.

  • Seed pls nyoynyomoynyoymonyoynyoy

  • Seed pls

  • 3:14 you are

  • 3:20 Roses are Red Violets are Blue There is a creeper behind you

  • Bionic after beating the Ender Dragon: aM I rEcOrDiNg?

  • so that thumbnail though, nice try. I know you are just trying to get views, and luckily you have me and not some nerd. 1% of 20 is 1 and I knew this before I did the math, and after I got 1 still. cuz 20 times 5 is 100, 20 times .01 is .2 and .2 times 5 is 1. There ya go, so you have half a heart the whole vid then. Don't need hate, just giving out logic, I know y'all gonna hate me tho, but there is no point cuz idc what you think about me.

  • Only legends knows he is playing hacked game

  • i beat the enderdragon using my pepepopo check

  • Ultrashovel at 17:41 lol

  • Omg that sacrifice at 3:11 lol

  • Take the FUC-ING GOD APPLE

  • you are dead

  • world seed??? pls write

  • Bionic:If a rabbit somehow licks my toes I’m gonna die Me:Loading... Also me in 2 minutes:Explodes due to Brain confusion leading to Brain damage Me in heaven:Totally regrets watching that video

  • When you beat the ender dragon using a shovel: *i did what was called a pro gamer move*

  • The dragon is a girl btw

  • Bionic mines iron golems with a picaxe

  • Can u tell me whatbis the number of this seed

  • this is the same thing as half a heart

  • Bionic man is savage

  • 3:19 roses are red violets are blue, there is a creeper waiting for you

  • 11:49 Oh my ballsack

  • Bionic:I'm crafting a hoe Bionic pov:I am a hoe lol

  • Roses r red, voilets are blue i peed my pants, and you probably did to,you know that roses are red, violets are blue, keep talking behind my back and ill hit you with a shoe.

  • Why would you give your self 1% health.... It's soooo triggering because you could just do it on half a heart.

  • Omg how did you did it

  • Bruh your so luck

  • This is not 1% heart its like half a heart

  • U threw ur dragon egg away!!!!@

  • You beat Minecraft with 1 health but you needed 4 respawn

  • Wait u playing on deadrock?

  • just kidding sorry bro

  • why didint you get the golden apples you nincompoop

  • :bionic I well crack my pants :me I well crack my pants

  • i am dislikeing the vid because u did not the god apple

  • what you should name the world: Oh god give us your protection

  • i love it

  • This is basically just Minecraft, but with Half a Heart.

  • oh ok ha lol

  • What does POG mean

  • No way your going to never dy

  • Llama: SPITS Bionic: OH GOD

  • Llama: SPITS Bionic: OH GOD

  • 8:20 arse nemesis

  • 14:39 okay we found the bibiotiittitkekkea

  • bro at 5:35 there is a desert well ur so lucky ther eis a 1 of a million chance of it spawning

  • next time play minecraft with realistic mod+ 2 hearts only...how bout tht.huh?lol

  • i never saw tht heart fully filled up..lol

  • U idiot!!!! Take the god apple!!!!!!

  • lord help us all

  • why did you use the fire position bro but you dint jump in lava

  • •••

  • This is cheating i hate this

  • uzmi


  • Bionic: says "if i take any damage i will die" many times Me: I get it

  • 🍎

  • You should eat the apple

  • Are you from Balkan beacuse you say biblioteka i think its libary

  • if 1% HP is real then a paper cut can be a popular gobal problem

  • he wont even need armor becuase he would even die

  • 3:19 Roses are red. Violets are blue. Meaby a creaper. Will blow my house to.

  • who else noticed that he spelled us wrong 0:37 "uys" us*

  • imagine if he had a world record on it it would be insane lol

  • OwO

  • Don't die

  • What’s this damn seed


  • I just ate some tacos and don't want to cover you in explosive diarrhea

  • i have nothing to say.... 4:01


  • this is hardcore but its difficulty is normal and you can still respawn

  • no damage

  • Wow so 😎


  • Can u do "Minecraft but every 3 minutes a dungeon spawn on you" ?🥺😂❤️

  • what is the seed

  • Anyone notice he named the world lord help uys please

  • I like how at the end he killed him with a shovel he got from the bastion

  • dude wtf is wrong is wrong with u u shouldve ate golden apple for later

  • *skin cell*

  • Violets are blue Roses are red As long bionic dies

  • The first picture😬

  • How-

  • Bionic: AHHHH BABY ZOMBIEEEE Philza: *Traumatic flashbacks*

  • hi 1999999.0 hare

  • Bionic:roses are red violets are blue Me:theres a creeper near you

  • One year ago you did this

  • Why you do this

  • roses are red violets are blue i almost crapped me pants but why didn't you?

  • isn't this the same as half a heart


  • did anyone else saw the ender pearl already in the frames???

  • You dummy

  • kopirajt sirjakariho :(

  • Put it on 0.25 at start xD

  • My brother hit me because you play with kids brain