Minecraft, But Every Mob Has Fire Aspect 1,000,000...

Publisert 14. feb.. 2021
Minecraft, But Every Mob Has Fire Aspect 1,000,000...
Thanks to @TapL for the inspiration! (forgot to mention T_T)
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  • im hot

  • I’m not too :)

  • Roses are Blue Violets are Red I have 2 brain cells How did this go again?

  • with all of my 2 braincells i regret drinking water during 11:46

  • zombie army!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • He kill a ghast three seconds later you idiot 2 second later a pig kill him lol a pig is better than a person or ghast

  • "if I die this is cringe" " **insert crazy laughing emoji** "

  • Bionic: Yoinks the farm water 4:25 Villagers be like: How are we supposed to grow our crops? :(

  • 5:37 its a god apple bruhh

  • Umm question why don't you just use claudron and place water so in nether so you dont need problem or just make potion of fire aspect?

  • Egg

  • lol wtf was that 8:29

  • I miss the uhc vids...

  • bro we all know that you cheat wit pearl trads dont have to act like that

  • When you realize he could’ve gotten fire resistance

  • Lol the intro

  • He could just use a cauldron for the nether

  • Minecraft but mobs can cut g you to the void

  • Use a cauldron in the nether for water

  • I subbed boy!!

  • 18:40 Ah yes, the Legendary Water Bucket AKA this 🪣 + 💧

  • 14:26 / 14:15 Hears song:RAGE RAGE RAGE RAGE RAGE

  • 👋

  • I love it when he says we did it not i did it like we r there

  • This means iron golem is unbeatable without blocks xd

  • I have ramen lol

  • 13:34 AY LANGUAGE

  • Bionic when a drowned gives him water aspect

  • A golden apple gives you fire aspect!

  • 2:50 when bonc has 1 braincell, and kills the iron golem that was killing the 20 op zombies ._.

  • Minecraft but every mob has 1,000,000 knockback

  • Minecraft but every mob has a sharpness a million that would suck

  • Quote from Bionic himself... "Minecraft, But Every Mob Has Fire Aspect 1,000,000...". The "Fire Aspect" multiplier is for the damage of the flames, not the duration of the flames.

  • Roses are heads Violets are you My guy is dying How bout u

  • When u said i may have 2 braincells i remembered the *i may be dumb but im not an idiot

  • Bionic 1) No ur not hot. ur gucci. 2) When you make videos, COULD YOU PLEASE PUT THE WORLD SEEDS IN THE DESCRIPTION?? Thank you.

  • all the people who disliked **** them there must be something wrong in there heads or there mama didn't love them =_=

  • put water in cauldron in nether it works water in nether

  • Roses Are Red Violets Are Blue As long As I Suffer The less likes i get

  • @bionic @baldonic

  • baby poglin

  • bruh, use cauldrons. XD

  • This is setup I can tell bc a temple and a village and a lava pool spawn next to each other?? Listen I'm not hating I still love ur content bionic

  • Day 5 for asking him to change his youtube channel name to baldonic

  • “I SMILE IN THE FACE OF DANGER” Bionic’s famous quote

  • Yes u ar LOL

  • 2:42 WTF?

  • Goongangingan after Bionic hasnt used it for a while: :(

  • Bionic:why is there always a desert temple? Me:speedrunning and seeing deadbushes and sand and screaming "why TF is there no desert temple bruh"

  • yey you kill the dragon yeyyeyye:)

  • 17:37 Did he got 100 cps?

  • I love your bald head i sub to you i love your curscraft vid pls do more

  • 6:58 instant karma

  • Every mob have fire aspect Bows: AM I A JOKE TO YOU?

  • zombie in zombie heaven wall get wrecked noob

  • Bro go to the water

  • I like Trains

  • Babe that hex was on fire lol

  • Lol

  • Minecraft but every mob has water a 1,000,000???

  • That bonc is on fireeeeee

  • Legendary people know that this seed has played before by bionic

  • 8:28 bruh what was that...

  • Why don't u play with Dream ? U r literally the clutch god. U and Dream should play Manhunt.

  • bionic you make 500k a year!!!! wow!!!

  • Now do it in hardcore

  • water

  • It'll be great if bonc join the dream smp

  • Minecraft but u can craft pp and if a girl is near pp go big

  • fire

  • XD you got.karmar

  • Guys i know obama's last name it is- Sike it's barrack hussein Obama II

  • Me:how many times bionic died Also me:its over 100,000,000

  • do next knokback 1,000,000 and fire aspect 1,000,000

  • What's the song were u fighting the enderdragon

  • Bionic- says "ohh my God we actually did it " Me- after 100 deaths ....that was epic bro

  • So uh what’s gonna happen to hair

  • How can you ded

  • Haha baldionic hotionic

  • When your boy was is the nether and he said oh no I got tow adds lol 🤣😂

  • What was that at 8.26

  • Minecraft but you can't trade viligers

  • Do all the mobs have knockback a mil thats would be POGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!

  • Man I love bionic!!!!!!!!!!!!❤

  • And also you can put the water in the couldran and put the water and go in there

  • And also you said do you have your popcorn ready guys and i said i eat it already and thats real hahaha

  • Hey bionic thank you so much because you read my chat that i said i love the intro and thx so much and also pls make the intro like that again thx

  • Happy valentines to you.

  • Cauldron: cries in sadness

  • 8:46 why did that sounded wrong lol

  • Now you get to feel how to get trolled

  • 8:47 he say s*x hahahah🤣😆🤣🤣

  • Why is your vids now so bad

  • 11:48 Danny be like : Bruh!

  • 18:15 "yeah definitely we did it"

  • I hear dream manhunt music theme

  • Nice

  • Helloooooooooooooo

  • Some one piece music 👍

  • Bionic in the future:*plays minecraft normally and trains without even know that he trained* Littrly EVERY GOD GAMER EVER EXISTED EVEN IN FUTURE:why do i hear boss music here?