Minecraft, But Crafts Are Completely Random...

Publisert 25. mars. 2021
Minecraft, But Crafts Are Completely Random...
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In todays Minecraft Challenge... Crafts are completely randomized every minute. That means that trying to craft a diamond chestplate may give you a golden apple one minute, and the next it may give you a beacon... This made trying to beat Minecraft a lot more fun and difficult! Like and subscribe to help us get Trending #1! Let's do this!
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  • once we got that lucky gold craft, i knew it was gonna be insane 😅😂

  • Holy PP...

  • Who came after bionic 10m subs

  • Hoyminoy

  • Hoyminoy

  • i was thinking its a uhc

  • Bionic u said "i dont need lapis" And then second time he sees lapis "Oh! 9 lapiz!"

  • Minecraft but you can get kid napped by a villager

  • Man you are the best respect

  • Mey hoy noy noy

  • Why he siad shut the front door

  • Eres One Way ponle

  • How old are you

  • How about make Minecraft but your items switch 5 min it’s ok if you don’t need to add this just suggestion

  • At start bionic called his color useless a light blue banner

  • 13:34 the minging seems legeit bro, the hands in the air and the minecraft mining, is this a pre recorded tape and u just react to it lol, no hate

  • Noob

  • Noob

  • Noob

  • Noob

  • Noob

  • There's a secret ender chest room in der to portal room in a strong hold btw

  • For a sc I did think u wer going to say “WHAT THE POG

  • i thought of herobrine when i saw a pyramid in the ocean

  • Gong gang ging gang😅

  • 4:30 you can eat this

  • There was tnt under the frikking desert temple

  • God there's tnt in the sand temple

  • nice vid


  • does he know that under the sand of the piramid,there is tnt

  • U have 3m

  • Wow

  • Lol lol lol lol lol pol mol hol I'll

  • I love your videos BONC gunganginga

  • Why you didn't get the achievement free the end?

  • 3:59 it normally makes a clay block

  • 8:33 Beds are an explosive in 2 dimensions, making sleeping the exception, not the rule. So, beds in Minecraft can be considered 'explosives' which is exactly what TNT is!

  • 13:33 His hands, like how

  • Bionic: says birch is trash Me: like everything else

  • Sm-eye-thing-table might as well call u bonc

  • Hey bonc! I’m trying to get you to comment on my tiktok but I don’t thing you do. But if you do have it then mine is gong_gang_ging_gang

  • 8:02 *ignores shulker box*

  • Anyone else annoyed how bonc calls the ender dragon he

  • ''You may not rest now : there is a bald man nearby''

  • Lol cheater

  • He cheating he had both of his hands off of the mouse and keyboard and he was still moving

    • Why are you watching bonc's videos leave now Nerd

    • That's normal idiot


  • he’d he get a diamond pickaxe out of sugar cane 🤠🤠

  • He kill an enderman with an arrow at 14:45

  • Whyyy he did not notice that it said check ya recipe boooooook DIAMONDSSS BRUH 2:35

  • we have same brain. when you said thingy mabob i thought it my brain few seconds ago

  • Golden apple slab 9:15 wut

  • The famous world help find the end portal lol

  • Did he just shoot that ender man

  • Whem u take ure hands off the mous its still diging nah

  • nah

  • 4 clay makes a clay block not terracotta

  • I've seen a temple like that one but in old mode and half was gone

  • Should of made boat and broke 4 planks

  • Did you see him lift both hand while digging down

  • 13:33 my man got hyped so hard that his pc started to move on his own

  • Were the mod :(

  • Nobody gonna talk about that when he dug to the strpnghold he lifted his arms and still the stone was breaking

  • No village

  • Just a reminder: you cant be racist again your own race(unless you dont want to be it)


  • Hahaha you made animations

  • You got world record because you said goongingang


  • 3:49 what the craft terracotta e was the italy?

  • I thought I was the only silver...=-O

  • 13:34 look bionic face cam and the minecraft. *Brain Explode*

  • Bionic should I give up a chest plate full of diamonds for three sticks bionic 2021

  • 14:46 did he just shoot enderman with bow??

  • bionic: gets diamond* OHHH LETS GET MORE realizes crafts are random

  • 13:51 Bless You

  • You are mining without toutching mouse

  • Plot twist: the crafting recipe are the trader like the villager

  • You know that the ender dragon is a girl right?

  • Lol

  • 13:34 wait how is he mining when his hands are up!?

  • you are so RANDOM lol

  • 14:45 he actually kill enderman using bow

  • Bionic:we definitly dont want a boat Silverspeed: u need for water

  • Minecraft 🤩🤩🤩

  • Minecraft


  • Blastyou

  • Send this map to crainer because he love boat

  • If minecraft was made by EA:8 diamonds = gold leggings

  • 2021

  • Why does it take for I am blocks to make away I am golem but you only get five back and I don’t mean block slime meaning great I mean ingot I mean ingot I think that’s a waste to say it you should not kill I am golem I can’t do anything with the talking thing I mean the things you take for you it’s you craft it with you I am blogs stupid thing won’t work

  • Dirt dirt might craft the crafting table

  • Subscribe to Silver he’s an awesome youtuber

  • You know at the beginning (kinda) it said you can craft diamonds

  • watching bionic can never go wrong.

  • Name mod pls

  • you must unsubscribe to him

    • You must quit

  • Op gold