I found the WORLDS BEST Speedrun Seed in Minecraft...

Publisert 27. jan.. 2021
I found the WORLDS BEST Speedrun Seed in Minecraft...
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@Quiff - Found most of the best seeds for speedrunning
Last speedrun seed from: nolong.info/show/lrWApp6Zo9KYi6M/video.html
1) 2684856873096073163
2) 6063425652452299185
3) 6226021816534936953
4) -187121296036733676
5) -4530634556500121041
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My Editor: @Saf
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  • i like your cut G

  • what version is the 5th seed it doesnt work on 1.16.5???? please explain

  • in which ersion though?? plss reply someone

  • k

  • Cc: I won’t found them on a boomleg website

  • 2684856873096073163 6063425652452299185 6226021816534936953 -1871212960367336761 -4530633556500121041 Here ya go! -Practice Speed run (if you want) -Troll your freinds (if you want) -Enjoy!

  • My luckiest occurrences, 1. I spawned right next to a woodland mansion 2. I spawned near a HUGE ruined portal ps I lost the seeds

  • My speedrun got world revord finding the fastest fortress

  • i have been to the fortress in no second also in survival no cheats

  • 6063425652452299185

  • wheres the versions

  • Mljkg

  • Yo bionic, ur videos are great but keep your intros short

  • in the second seed when you spawn if you keep going forward you will find a village with an ancient portal in the middle of it

  • where are the bastons at

  • noice 1 bionic

  • u are a myhoneymhhnoey gongangingan

  • This is the best seed:-4530634556500121041 it's for 1.16.1 and people have beaten it is 2 minutes

  • 2684856873096073163

  • can anybody tell me cordinates for stronghold from 1st seed

  • -4530634556500121042

  • Which version s it on

  • He forgot to put "1' on the end of the end of seed number four. 5:39

  • I smashed my like button and i broke my ipad jk lol

  • i like how he dont say what version it is on

  • So the portal in the thumbnail requires extra eyes of ender? I dont get how thats good

  • IF U GET 2 MINS PUT IT ON speedrun.com

  • bionic: im the best speedrunner in the world. Dream: ARE YOU CHALLENGING ME?!!?!!?1!!!1

  • oh hey lol you were the guy that shaved your head if mrbeast commented

  • Holy i clik the like and the like become 42k wtf

  • The Last Seeds Nether Is Not The Same As It Is In The Video

  • Thanks for giving me the seeds to a speedrun

  • My phone 69% charge

  • i used my all looting 3 on bald man lol

  • you should buy a better camera

  • The 1

  • Do a challenge to tell everyone to speedrun in these seeds whoever has the record gets 1000$

  • I’m definitely going to try that last seed 😂 thanks bionic

  • How has Dream not discovered this?

  • I know the real best speed run seed

  • the second one is cool

  • They don’t work on bedrock by the way so don’t try on PE

  • the fourth seed is -1871212960367336761, not -187121296036733676

  • I recognized it

  • -4530634556500121041


  • what version is seeds

  • the last seed is cap

  • “Roses are red” “My brain cells are a few” “I can’t count” “But i think i have two”

  • My fav seed -4530634556500121041

  • 666

  • last seed is so hard to speedrun because u have to follow those steps to do it

  • you know, February is a little too early for April fools joke

  • Bionic, put this seed in please it is THE BEST seed to speed run i think idk put this in 1156391694 because you spawn with a village Not with one blacksmith on two But THREE BLACKSMITHS please try it :) maybe say goonganginga for extra luck I guess but try it! Also you don't spawn in the nether fortress either ways try it!

  • B o n c Can you um make a video where YOU PLAY MINECRAFT UHC............... but you secretly have a super yeet stick

  • seed:4292653659826504437

  • The seeds didn’t work for me?

  • Heres a seed where you spawn in fortress -4292653659826504437

  • sand cornets temple

  • I created a new world and saw a village with 3 black smiths . And in spawn almost near to a fortres ...

  • Bionic what version do I enter these seeds?

  • i saw his vid about that this is not real before i knew this existed

  • 12:05 best part

  • Seed 1234567890 try it

  • Bonc is bad at speed running and bald and has a low IQ and is bad at math im sorry bonc but it is the truth


  • 1

  • If you go crouching on magma you can go on

  • Do you like my sword, sword, sword?

  • when your on bedrock 😭

  • nolong.info/show/lbepa65vi8mNmIU/video.html

  • the best seed is where you can watch dream flirt with george lol.

  • Baldonic

  • the last one isnt working i put the seed and it doesnt work

  • Pa shout bro

  • i can confirm that all of these seeds are legit even the 12 eye

  • the second seed is also a 3 eye-

  • in 3m subs u get to shave ur eyebrows then if 4m subs u get to shave ur dog (if u have one) then finally at 5m subs u get to shave quiff's hair

  • Me got 2 blacksmiths and I thought it was common

  • what is the version of the game that ur using

  • i like ur cut g

  • I seend the last two one today one tiktok befor this vid

  • I "haven't" subscribed

  • U can actually use this seed for wr but it will be in the set seed category

  • Bionicles ik that last seed it's from atlantic craft I don't really remember the video that seed is from

  • i found a seed that has a ruined portal (didnt find a chest but maybe) a desert temple with a notch apple and a lava pool close to the temple and a village the seed is: 7546085512361485231 Edit: play on 1.16.4 :>

  • these seeds are good but not that insane

  • When i type the seed in its not the same spawn?

  • 8:05 my mothers even faster

  • 542630838 thank me later

  • I once found a seed on bedrock with a village that had 5 blacksmiths

  • the best seed is 12345678109+

  • Yo I literally can’t wait to make the service that I just can’t make the service can you please just tell me when you get

  • 6:33 I got 6 iron on my speed run (random seed)

  • I found the second one with out this vid

  • Dream watching this: 👁👄👁. We don’t need this u know why because we the best player in the game *loses off cam* we need this

  • 6063425652452299185

  • Bionic can you send see again i noo see seeds

  • I want a pillager outpost seed